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Not Just for Christmas

23. The wise men gave myrrh, to show that Jesus would die.
The incarnation of Jesus is not just for Christmas. The wise men sensed there was something powerful in the birth of this child. Myrrh, a bye-product of incense resin, had been used in ancient burial rites for eons. So, these visitors might as well have given a coffin! A portent, a guess, a mistake, why would they make such an offering. I suppose any incarnation, fully valid, would have worked out in death or full humanity for Jesus would have been no more than a cheap trick or God playing at the human state. Did the wise men imagine the cross or were they just acknowledging the human frailty that must end?
Pray for those whose lives are ending at this time, those who you have loved and lost. Remember too through the gift of myrrh Jesus too followed that path – horribly in the cross.

Holy Smoke

22. The wise men gave frankincense, to show that Jesus was God.

Other than the odd incense stick – frankincense is somewhat out of fashion. Yes, it still resides in some churches and eastern religions, but on the whole Frankincense only brings people into a state of coughing when liberally used. But in ancient time fragrant incense was seen as a pleasing offering and a symbol of prayers rising.
As you think today about this gift from the wise men ask yourself what would be a pleasing offering to God, this day. Make your prayer rise today as smoke from incense rises and fills a room. Show your understanding of Jesus as God.


21. The wise men gave Gold, to show that Jesus was a king

When recalling someone and the description ‘heart of gold’ is used, you are meant to imagine kindness in a most precious way. Strangely it suggests kindness so un-bling -like as you can imagine. It is more about the purity of gold which can be found even in its rawest state, nugget like in the dross of clay or silt. This is gold that is worthy of offering.

What offering of gold do you offer today?


Tuesday 16th February 

Dreaming of the future we are offering another book to dwell upon during this Lent. “The Magic Paintbrush” is a storybook too good for children.

A grace gift that is passed on willingly. Power that wants to use and abuse that grace gift. A parable we can link to discipleship and faith. 

Our freedom is the faith which Jesus offers to use in His name.



Saturday 26th December

On this Boxing Day and most of the gifts have been unwrapped, I call to mind one of the prayers connected to psalm 127 in my prayer book.

Lord you are ever watchful
and blesses with your gifts
as you provide for all our needs,
so help us to build what pleases you
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Thanksgiving should be a Christmas theme. Look around and see people and their beauty, even in an sometimes ugly world.



11th February 2014


Mary and Joseph do what is right before the law. They offer the smallest offering prescribed: two Turtle doves or two pigeons.

What is the right offering to God.

Jesus tell of the ‘widow’s mite’ – a gift given in poverty and yet an adventurous, sacrificial offering.

Please, go out of your way to respond to this showing today.

The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church

A Costly Gift,

6th February 2014


It may seem so strange to us, but what Mary and Joseph did for their son would have been seen as completely orthodox and completely ordinary within Hebrew culture and society. It was a tradition stretching back to the Patriarchs.

Their first born son was given to the Lord, thereby claiming the promises made to Abraham.

What will you give today that would be as costly as a baby, new born and precious?

The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church