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Stay Together.

Tuesday 22 November


As a child, as a gang of  us headed off into the countryside around our village, we would have ringing in our ears the saying, “Go together, stay together, come back together!” Wise words to follow then and now.

Look at the Old Testament reading for next Sunday, you will find a striking and hopeful opening. There is a hope that, though the people have sinned, there might yet be a glorious future if people  remain faithful to the reforms made in the days of Hezekiah or Josiah. A simple return to walking close to God. the beautiful vision of Isaiah .

Jesus also spoke of the truth setting us free. His was the same call to prepare ourselves each and  every day by walking as close as he did to his Father.

Help us in preparing to celebrate God’s closeness this day. Grace us, as we make our hearts ready, placing our hope in you. Staying close to you our Heavenly Father through the same Jesus Christ. Amen



From a Book

Saturday 13 February

One of the books that is being resourced for Lent is “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull”, a parable describing the life of descovery of a sea bird of the same name.

Wanting something more that the scavenging flock can offer Jonathan seeks a higher plane achieved through flying, faster, slower, higher, more acrobatic.

But the flock are critical of Jonathan’s boundary pushing, they banish him to himself and his un-seagull-like explorations and philosophies.

A parable and a truth for those who dream of different future.