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Saturday 16 January

Dismantling the conversation of a funeral visit with a colleague, it became apparent how such conversations can be ‘Epiphanies’ in their own right.

Only when we are authentic with people. When we listen and comprehend their own spirituality and position in the moment, be it grief or celebration. When we honour where they are and reflect for them, will they begin to hear the gospel message we proclaim.

There is no point in shouting at the deaf, if we are the cause of their hearing loss!


Easter People

12 April 2015

I recall, as I prepare for two funerals, the people who I have personally known and had the honour of leading their service.

Those who I have ministered to over a number of years are the hardest and yet the easiest. Hardest because of the connections to them and easiest because the authentic heart of a relationship shines through even the sorrow of loss.

Yet in ordinary Christian folk, who have tried to follow Jesus make for beautiful recollections. 

It is Easter People, however flawed, that make life joyous through simple words and gestures.

Are you an Easter Person? 

Rev’d Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield

Live for Today

11 April 2015

Yes funerals can be sad because of the physical loss, but faith in a resurrection future balances out the sadness.

As the Bishop of Huddersfield said on Easter morning, God in Christ died. A significance for our spiritual relationship. Jesus died and promises life in fullness.

Yes part of that promise is way in the future and partially that is for us a ‘now’ experience.

Let us live.

Rev’d Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield