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Tuesday 9 February

A sense in which the welcome was cemented by the confirmation.

Each of the candidates had found themselves in Huddersfield Parish Church, all with different reasons for first being there. The study group was doubled by other members of our community, who then stood alongside our candidates for the service in general and at the laying on of hands and the evoking of the Holy Spirit. A further member of the congregation similarly was alongside each candidate. 

A proper friendly scrum of support!

Gifted By The Home Bound

Friday 5 February

I have just left a lady well into her 90’s. Frail but faithful.

Then I thought how gifted Huddersfield Parish Church is in all its homebound members. They don’t figure in any counting of worshippers, but they receive copies of the Sunday reading and notice sheets and they form part of our pastoral care scheme and they pray with and for us.

For Connie, Vivian, Tina, Maud, Barbara and John, Joyce, John and Sybil, Joyce, Florence and Gary, we recognise them before the world and before God, as active gifts for St. Peter’s.

Easter People

12 April 2015

I recall, as I prepare for two funerals, the people who I have personally known and had the honour of leading their service.

Those who I have ministered to over a number of years are the hardest and yet the easiest. Hardest because of the connections to them and easiest because the authentic heart of a relationship shines through even the sorrow of loss.

Yet in ordinary Christian folk, who have tried to follow Jesus make for beautiful recollections. 

It is Easter People, however flawed, that make life joyous through simple words and gestures.

Are you an Easter Person? 

Rev’d Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield

Friends and Strangers

28th February 2015


It takes time to get to know somebody well.

So why would it be different getting to know God?

George Guiver says that we must read about the things God has done. Talk to others who know Him well.

There’s no hurry – You have all eternity.

Rev’d Janet Sargent – Associate Priest at Huddersfield Parish Church.

A Too Regular Question…

“Why, oh why?”

The question I so often ask.

I am ten minutes early for meeting a friend and they are going to be ten minutes late. The story of my life and the friends I seem to have, or seem to choose.

Still I wait patiently, recall their redeeming features and look at my watch and repeat my mantra:

“Why, oh why?”

Brave little soldier?

Full of cold and I was made to stay asleep for a little longer than is normally allowed. Oh how I resisted the promise of a duvet’s warmth – for exactly the time it took me to close my eyes. I then awoke nearly two hours later, a little croaky, bones aching and with a really sore throat. I have though, been a brave little soldier all day.

I have met with a number of people since rising and it must be said that the grimness of my ‘man flu’ was blown away by paracetamol and good conversation. Planning and chewing the fat (alongside the tablets) kept me going. At tea-time, I’m feeling, if not looking, almost human

I hope the evening delivers similar remedy to my continuing sickly state.