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Keep Faith

Readings for Easter Sunday

Acts 10.34-43, Colossians 3.1-4; and Matthew 28.1-10


Tuesday 18 April

Where were Peter and James and John on that first Easter Day? Why was it Mary and Mary Magdalene were the only ones to go to the tomb? Were the men too afraid or were the women more faithful? Either way the Marys are an example to us. They went to pay their respects, to mourn and to grieve – and  instead they met with Jesus himself. They didn’t know what they were doing but they kept faith and God honoured their   faithfulness by making them the first to meet with the risen Lord.  Sometimes when things are dark, just keeping on keeping on is hard, but simple faithfulness will be rewarded with the dawning of a new day – and keeping going is always easier with a friend beside you.

 Question: How do you cope with times in your life when things seem dark and you can’t make sense of what is going on?

 Prayer: Lord, when times are hard and the day seems dark, give me a friend to walk beside me and the courage to know you will be there to meet us.



Holy Week

39Wednesday 12 April

The incarnation is not just for Christmas!   Jesus tells his disciples to remember his presence, his words actions and his very love each time we eat a meal in His name. In church that means bread and wine, but at home or with a friend is a time to look across a table and know that  Jesus did the same, the night before he was betrayed. In his life, his real life, he ate and shared and told us to do likewise.

Question: Across a table, over a meal, what is it you do that was the                                       same for Jesus. He said ‘Do this in remembrance of me.’

Where will you take that thought today?

Prayer: Teach me to repeat your actions as I eat and as I share your life with others, help me to pray in the ordinary actions of this day and all in remembrance of your incarnate life. Amen




Friday 4th March

Another day another contact.
A wonderful contact, just like Philip being brought to Jesus. One of the faithful brings a friend, who wants to belong, wants to be among friends, and is willing to learn a pathway to do so. She comes seeking baptism.
But it is the friend’s faith that is attractive and I know that friend comes with simplicity of heart which again is attractive to the others.

I am happy because I know she will be welcomed, warmly welcomed into our open community.



Tuesday 1 March

Incarnation theology is all about God sharing our time. Within this theology is an understanding of being a friend of God.

In the Old Testament, Abraham can be seen as the first friend of God. In the New Testament Lazarus a friend of Jesus. (One of David Bowie’s releases was called ‘Lazarus’).

Robin Gamble talk of Jesus being an overwhelming friend of others then and now. While religion tries to avoid the world, Jesus was involved, is involved through his being our grace friend – a two way relationship!


More Palatable? 

Sunday 28 February 

Robin Gamble talked in respect of David Bowie ‘s life and talent.

It was identified  that there seemed a reluctance for some, Bowie included to move into a solely atheistic mode of life because, a leap of unfaithful is bigger and darker than a leap of faith.
In other words there is often sentiment or strong feeling that while ‘I don’t believe in God, I don’t believe in ‘not God’ more strongly.

We quickly move into a discussion of an idea that we need to be a friend of God. This means being a friend of God rather than bowing before the transcendent.

More palatable?


News of an Old Friend

Friday 26 February 

Sunday I met a lady and their son in a Colne valley church. Later that afternoon, after a gentle evensong the same lady and child came into Huddersfield Parish Church to shelter from the rain and as part pilgrimage for her mother who was a regular wanderer into St. Peter’s. 

In conversation, it turns out her mother was my old Greek friend, a lady I had mentioned in a blog 18 months or more ago.

It was one of those God moments of subtle reconciliation. Not specifically Lenten but beautifully innocent as my elderly friend who stopped wandering because of her stroke, an ailment that apparently restored her mind and therefore her very self to her daughter.

I remember her because she was so determined and secure that she was God’s friend, in all her life and all her travels. 

May she rest in peace and rise in glory – and  why not because God, after all, is her friend.


A Friend R.I.P.

Thursday 4 February

One of those day when I have to breathe deeply, swallow hard and lead a funeral of a dear friend who in five years of knowing seems to have told me and taught me a great deal. You could not argue with him because he would not argue. He entered a room and smiled and greeted everyone as an individual. A man of stories and sociability. A man who simply lived and relished the company of others. 

A prayer I read this morning:

Lord, lead us to our heavenly homeby single steps of self-restraint and deeds of righteousness; through the grace of Jesus Christ our Lord.
So apt!