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Changing Times

Christmas Day

There is a moment in most couples lives when the world changes. The birth of a first baby is a momentous occasion that changes the way people live and act and interact as well.

The whole universe contracts into the shape of a small baby. Things that were important before now  reckon as dross and a baby, mere pounds in weight, can focus our attention and is ultimate in our lives.

From the divine to the vulnerable shell of a baby. When we talk about the incarnation, we talk about God making himself small and weak and whiny. Yes, experiencing humanity diminutive form. What we have experienced, good or bad, God has been there!

Including changing times!


Take Away Prayer

5th March 2015


Some of us are happy to pray in church but aren’t comfortable praying at home.

Father George suggests some things which might help.

Have a cross or a picture (an icon) to help you feel Christ’s presence.

Light a candle or a night light and watch the living flame.

Don’t worry if your mind wanders a bit. Father George says an onion still gets pickled without thinking about it.

Rev’d Janet Sargent – Associate Priest at Huddersfield Parish Church.

Packing for a Journey

Saturday 20th December 2014

I wonder what Joseph and Mary packed for their journey. Between themselves and the donkey, they had to carry everything they and the newborn would need, and remember that Mary was heavily pregnant. There would have been no satnav (not just because postcodes had not yet been invented!) and no facebook.

They would have struck out along the journey, not knowing exactly where they would end up. During the journey, they would spend time with each other, both in conversation and in silence.

Together, with God, they were all each other had, walking along side each other.

Let us find space to give each other that time and commitment this Advent season. Not thinking about where we will be next, or what someone has just posted, but committed to spending time. The focus on the person there with us rather than on the buzz of electronic activity. The focus on the present moment rather than the next job, the next meeting, or the next person. Let us be there.

Rev’d Simon Crook, Assistant Curate, HuddersfieldParish Church