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A Burning Faith

Thursday 25 February 

Using a hand held rocket, a kitchen blow torch meant the charcoal was alight in mere moments. Seconds later the fire alarm was blaring. 

Now, I would describe myself as an old fashioned candle man when it comes to charcoal lighting; a small flame and a gentler heat that produces just gentle whiffs of incense.

I accept faith can happen at supersonic speed and the Damascus road is always a possibility, but slow burn, slow learn appeals to my sense of (im)maturity that distrusts the quick fix.

caught on the radio

An idle listening to a topic that was only vaguely interesting to me – till this quote grabbed my attention and now keeps arresting my thoughts at unexpected moments . . .

‘Tradition is passing on¬†the flame – not worshipping the ashes!’

What’s my living flame to pass on? What’s yours?