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Angels and Then More Angels.

10th January 2015


The shepherd account begins with an angel and then a myriad of angels – how disturbing!

The shepherds were well into their night shift, gate keepers and wolf scarers, whiling the time away and a stranger appears. Forget the wings and shiny white glowing individual, the news given and where it was occurring was troubling enough. Why were they chosen? Could it be true?

The addition of the host of angels in full praise mode wiped out the ‘why me’ question and the ‘truth’ issue was probably overwhelmed as well.

Oh that our faith was so brilliant, so secure! Sometimes, it must be said, our Spirit guidance can be as definite.

The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church

Something Just Jumped Out at Me!

“Death defeated, life vindicated” – a line from today’s lectionaries reading – from 2 Timothy 1 (The Message Version) perhaps sums up our ability to be fully human.

I have know a number of individuals who have died with me present and who were ‘ready’ and, more heartening, were neither afraid nor frightened. They were not afraid of death nor frightened of the future after the moment of dying.

Faith turns the tables on death. It is not even about being prepared, which makes death something to be faced with human valour. “Death defeated” can take fear out of our sphere of torment simply because “life vindicated” gives our mere human form freedom to live life fully- no need to whittle about future – all is within God’s realm.