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Readings for Easter Sunday

Acts 10.34-43, Colossians 3.1-4; and Matthew 28.1-10


Friday 21 April

Cornelius was an outsider, a Gentile, a foreigner. Normally Peter as a faithful Jew would not have entered his home or sat down to eat with him. But now God was challenging him, breaking down his preconceptions and asking him to step outside his comfort zone. Maybe we need to do a little more of that. It is easy to stick with the people we know, the people who look and talk more or less like us. But God has a plan to include all people within his new family, the Church – and he wants you and me to help him do that. Have a think about the people you see in your church. How many outsiders, foreigners, people of different cultures and backgrounds are there – or are they mostly “people like us”?

Question: What could you do – or encourage your Church family to do – to reach out to and draw in new and different people?    What barriers might there be?

 Prayer: Lord, give me the courage to step outside my comfort zone so that your Church may become the diverse community you want us to be.


Key to Grace

Readings for 2nd Sunday in Lent
Genesis 12: 1-4a, Romans 4: 1-5; 13-17 and Matthew 3.1-12


Wednesday 8th March
In his Letter to the Romans Paul talks about the faith which keys in to the grace of God and saves us. The word faith has many connotations, it can simply mean a belief. The word faith is linked to the word faithful, and I am reminded of how a faithful dog of sticks with her owner. Or maybe a faithful husband or wife or friend who sticks up for you even when times are bad and difficult. We need to be full of faith – we need to be faithful. When God seems far away, when our belief wavers, when times test us, when people let us down, when unjust suffering strikes; then we need to stick with God, just as he sticks with us.

April Fool

Friday 1 April

They were seen as foolish – the dead raised to life.

But the disciple’s move from fear to faithful – Easter was real.

Gifted By The Home Bound

Friday 5 February

I have just left a lady well into her 90’s. Frail but faithful.

Then I thought how gifted Huddersfield Parish Church is in all its homebound members. They don’t figure in any counting of worshippers, but they receive copies of the Sunday reading and notice sheets and they form part of our pastoral care scheme and they pray with and for us.

For Connie, Vivian, Tina, Maud, Barbara and John, Joyce, John and Sybil, Joyce, Florence and Gary, we recognise them before the world and before God, as active gifts for St. Peter’s.