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Tuesday 15 March 

In another of our Lent books, Holy Sweat, Tim Hansel says, “To be able to fail well is absolutely critical. 

But the ability to make failure work for you and not against you requires one more quality: perseverance.” 

In some ways death is a failure, letting our ultimate human weakness finally win and take over. This is what happens to all of us. This is what happened to Jesus on The Cross. And yet God makes something out of this weakness.

From Jesus’ emptied being comes the ultimate hope of eternal life. From our own deaths comes a share in his eternal life. But the weakness of death is not enough by itself; it requires something else – Tim calls it perseverance. But it has another name, which is, “faith”


Wednesday 24 February 

Our failures and dimmer moments can come all too often.
Others may not see us shrivel inside, but we will have times when what we do or think or say will diminish our very humanity.

Part of Jesus ministry, as pointed out by Robin Gamble in the Lenten book on offer at Huddersfield Parish Church as a resource, is that it only does he call us to repentance, but also reconciles our failures to God in forgiveness.

And in that moment God celebrates. 

In God’s eye we are, we are becoming,we shall be perfect in his grace