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Monday 5 December


In David Attenborough’s programmes showing the desert, it is often a film of the transformation when the  rain comes.

We start with  barren, dry, cracked, scorched earth. It seems that nothing could live there. Indeed, it seems completely dead. Yet, with the rain comes the life that was hidden and dormant, and it happens remarkably quickly.

It sometimes feels that we are dead and lifeless, or at least that certain parts of us have closed down. But creation is waiting. It is expectant.

When things feel barren or desperate, we are yearning for the rain: yearning for the coming of Christ that washes over us continually and when he comes again will satisfy the world once and for all.

Lord, when I feel barren or desperate, answer my yearning for your living water. By your grace, help me show your life to others day by day. Amen


So Good!

Wednesday 23 November


You will often hear the saying that people “have never had it so good”. The line was used in the 1950’s by the Prime Minister of the day, Harold Macmillan. The whole context was one of optimism, what we can achieve from this point in time.

One of last Sunday’s readings, Colossians 1.13, told us we belong to the new age of Christ and we are   already citizens of heaven. Our lives should befit this calling because in salvation terms we “have never had it so good”.

From Christ the King last Sunday we move to Advent and simultaneously await Jesus birth and return.

Are you already a part of the new age and how does that inform our preparation?

Looking for the blessings of today, the ever present prospect and reality of ’God with Us’ , may we be found ready and expectant of the Kingdom now and in the whole of this Advent season. Amen

A Pregnant Male Canon

Tuesday 9th December 2014

I’m pregnant!!

Nothing to be ashamed of really. Except I’m a 49 year old man and a Vicar.

But then the season of Advent, the four Advent Calendar weeks before Christmas is a time of pregnancy. Or should I use the words a time of expectancy.

Children are expectant and grown-ups get caught up in that excitement.

Christian ministers are expectant in who they may see at Christmas and those who will need supported during the season.

What will you expect and how can you heighten your awareness of others in need and the sheer beauty of some of the moments of Christmas. Be expectant and your visions of joy will be multiplied.

Rev’d Canon Simon Moor, Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church