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Easter Renewal

Tuesday 29 March

Easter Sunday followed the previous two Sunday’s when a sudden increase of worshippers seemed to answer our prayers for growth. Even humble Evensong welcomed extra worshippers.

‘New the green blade rises’ was sung – an amazing reflection of a busy Passiontide and Easter.

Jesus – making all things new.


Harold Wilson

Saturday 12 March

Did you know that yesterday marked the centenary of Harold Wilson’s birth?

Harold Wilson born and bred,schooled and raised in Huddersfield. Huddersfield Parish Church held an Choral Evensong for his family, before visits to his former home and school and then a lecture at the University of Huddersfield given by Alan Johnson.

Remembering before God a famous son of the town.


Just Plainsong

I do apologise I don’t have a good singing voice…!

Sunday Evensong was a little different this week. The responses, Magnificat, Nunc Dimittis, psalm and hymns were all sung unaccompanied and to plain chant. St. Peter’s resounded with the voices and notes obviously written to meld together in the echo.

I do apologise I don’t have a good singing voice…!

What is plain chant without a few grumblers or squeakers to add to the heavenly choir. The meter and volume just made the worship.

On Tuesday of Holy Week the ‘Great Litany’ was sung in the same fashion and the same rules applied.

Oh for a few less carpets and even more reverb in the building.

Simplicity of Evensong

Twice in eight days the sober magesty of Choral Evensong. Last Sunday – 29th January I took part in the 4pm service at Wakefield Cathedral.

Choral Evensong sung by Men and Women.

Hymns: NEH 56, 245, 408
Responses: G Jackson
Psalm: 34
Canticles: Stanford in C
Anthem: Tres Magi de Gentibus Lang
Voluntary: Exulternus Whitlock

And what a glorious worship it was, mixed voices, rich and round. With all the dignity of an English Cathedral setting.

 ‘Alas no sermon’ as one person commented as they left.

And this evening:- 5th Feb 2012

Choral Evensong sung by Huddersfield Parish Church Choir

Hymns: A&M 97, 109, 18
Responses: Feria
Psalm: 2
Canticles: Anglican Chant
Anthem: Evening Hymn Henry Balfour Gardiner

Three clerics, a choir whose average age is under 20 and a fair congregation. The building blocks of a good Evensong standard. Thank you to Elly and the choir, Stephen on the organ and the prayers offered. Even the sermon perhaps?

Quite moving really.