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Context 3

Saturday 23 January

We met with a group of elders from the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, who have a held fortnight festival at Huddersfield Parish Church during the last three summers.

One of the discussion was based around conflicting expectations as two very different cultures and branches of Christianity met. The basis of the meeting was that there had been friction generated by sheer numbers of people worshipping and residing in one medium sized West Yorkshire church.

The resolution will be met through conversation and understanding each other’s context – with no small amount of give and take.

Epiphany Seeking.

Tuesday 19 January

Today, a bit of a withdrawal. With a number of colleagues I go away, an hour or so from home, to talk, meditate and plan. In the context of a wider group of like minded individual we are going to try to be visionary. 

Mary saying at the Wedding at Cana – “Do whatever he tells you!” perhaps maybe a prayerful stance to take up as we share and look forward.

We seek Epiphany. Maybe the blog will reflect this!

Jesus in an Hour.

Friday 15 January 

Who are you Jesus? 

Well, Epiphany is a season when we are shown glimpses of Jesus and told to work out, ‘do the maths’, as it were!

For a fullest glimpse read Marks’s Gospel in one sitting, it only takes an hour. Mark wrote with immediacy and seems to want to ‘get the story out there’.

After the hour what will your answer be? 



Saturday 9 January 

Empty, I feel a little empty on a number of levels.

Physically I am hungry and weary after a couple of days walking all the day and before I’ve eaten anything today. I’m quite empty!

But then I also am brain empty, one of those times when I don’t seem to even be able to think. The blog screen seems to mock me.

In this anti-epiphany how empty did Jesus become – from the status of the Almighty to the inconsistency of humanity.

Now that is empty….! 


Incarnated Love

Thursday 7th  January

Can you remember the moment someone just loved you for yourself. That flash of light moment when it is said two worlds collide and you are safe within another’s care?

Such an expense can be a very human experience or epiphany.

But then some have to sink to the lowest point in their live to realise that God in Jesus makes the same commitment to us. Look for God, look for his incarnated love this New Year.

A moment when two worlds collide and you are safe within another’s care?

Expectation of Yon Kings

Wednesday 6th January

So how wise were these kings or magi that visited the baby/toddler Jesus.

They brought gifts of significance and meaning, they followed this star…..

….but they went to a palace and ask a tyrant who had no new offspring. Why didn’t Herod snaffle their treasures?

What was their Epiphany when they eventually reached their destination?




Epiphany of the Limp

Tuesday 5th January

A prayer that made me chuckle!

May those who love us, love us.
And those who don’t love us,
May God turn their hearts;
And if He doesn’t turn their hearts,
May He turn their ankles,
So we will know them by their limping.