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A Great Theological Question

Readings for Palm Sunday

Isaiah 50:4-9, Philippians 2:5-115: 1-11 and Matthew 27:11-54


Saturday 8th April

There is a great theological question: in the Philippians reading we are told that Jesus emptied himself. What did he empty himself of? If he emptied himself of his divinity, then Jesus would simply be human and not God – that can’t be right. Yet the one who is King of Kings comes to serve, the Son of God is hung on a cross. There is nothing inflated or egotistic about Jesus’ glory, it is, if you like, an empty glory that simply is. In his emptiness, Jesus is exalted above all so that every knee shall bend before him. Let us enter into Christ’s glory, not by puffing ourselves up, but by kneeling, empty, at the foot of the cross.




Saturday 9 January 

Empty, I feel a little empty on a number of levels.

Physically I am hungry and weary after a couple of days walking all the day and before I’ve eaten anything today. I’m quite empty!

But then I also am brain empty, one of those times when I don’t seem to even be able to think. The blog screen seems to mock me.

In this anti-epiphany how empty did Jesus become – from the status of the Almighty to the inconsistency of humanity.

Now that is empty….!