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Bridge or Hinge

Readings for 2nd Sunday in Lent
Genesis 12: 1-4a, Romans 4: 1-5; 13-17 and Matthew 3.1-12


Thursday 9th March

John the Baptist seems like a hinge or maybe a bridge. He joins together the Old and the New Testaments, echoing the Old Testament prophet Elijah to prepare the way for Jesus in the New Testament. John is also a bridge between Jesus and those who are distant from him. Repent and be baptised he proclaims in order help people to cross the bridge and encounter Christ. One of the Church’s roles is to be a bridge or a hinge: holding together different elements of society, speaking out for all, and being at the interface between God and all humanity. Let us reach out to God even as we reach out to others so that people may touch upon the life of Christ through us.




Still Small Voice

All too often in life we think that we’ll only find God in life’s “big” moments. Major celebrations and cultural events; the most significant holidays and festivals; moments in our lives when our path is fundamentally changed.

What we often fail to understand and pay attention to – and therefore miss by way of an opportunity to listen and grow – is that God is just as present in life’s “small” moments; the whispers rather than the screams.

The big moments are wonderful and full of meaning, but less so if we cannot answer affirmatively to “Do you show up for the whispers?”

Like Elijah on the mountain, listen carefully. You might just be pleasantly surprised by what you hear.