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Dreaming and Changing

Eventually the Missing Piece meets The Big O, a perfect circle with nothing missing. 

When asked to roll with The Missing Piece, The Big O explains that there is no place for The Missing Piece to fit, but “perhaps you can roll by yourself.” 

The idea of rolling by itself has never occurred to The Missing Piece and it finds the idea immediately appealing and simultaneously threatening. So it throws up false objections: “But I have sharp corners, I am not shaped for rolling..

The Big O replies, “Corners wear off… shapes change” – and with that Big O rolls off, leaving the missing piece alone once more — but, this time, with a potentially life changing idea to contemplate.

Dreaming and changing in tandem  – hard to do, or a great trial?

The Rev’d Dr. Anna Wallis – Associate Priest at Huddersfield Parish Church