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Thursday 8 December



I always seem to end up in the wrong queue.

I have quite an advanced queuing technique which takes  into account the length of queue (obs), the  capabilities of shoppers and checkout staff, the type of item in a trolley and whether there are repeats; but I still seem to end up in the slowest queue.

And I don’t like queuing, I don’t like waiting.

Yet we are told to wait, to be patient as the farmer is patient. In this desperate rush in advent, both wanting to get to Christmas day as soon as possibly, and needing more time to get everything done, let us pause and get in the queue.

Christ comes to us, not because we demand him, or because we are ready. Christ comes becomes it is time. Let us be found waiting.

In this Advent season of preparation give us a understanding of how to be ready, but not in an impatient and demanding way, rather with a sense of God’s time and in Jesus timeliness. Come Lord Jesus to my frenetic ‘doing’ and simply ’be’ in my life. Amen



16 March 2015
Fynn and Anna’s conclusion on religion perhaps is a most startling. Three view will challenge anyone who has looked at the spiritual and felt the pull of truth.
“The message of the Bible was simple and any half could grasp it in 30 minutes flat! Religion was for doing things not for reading about doing things.”
Go do likewise!
The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church