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Ash Wednesday Commitment

Wednesday 10 February

What is an Ash Wednesday commitment?

As in a confirmation there is a call to the participants to be different – and in terms of Jesus – praying, thinking and doing. We are not asked to move mountains or fast for forty days but look to God and neighbour with Christ-eyes.

Praying, thinking and doing, where will your gentle commitment be this Lent?

Epiphany Seeking.

Tuesday 19 January

Today, a bit of a withdrawal. With a number of colleagues I go away, an hour or so from home, to talk, meditate and plan. In the context of a wider group of like minded individual we are going to try to be visionary. 

Mary saying at the Wedding at Cana – “Do whatever he tells you!” perhaps maybe a prayerful stance to take up as we share and look forward.

We seek Epiphany. Maybe the blog will reflect this!

Actions Helping Words

Do Something…

The action of entering a sacred space before the monument in the market place or into St. Peter’s for the Book of Condolence.

Do Something…

Concentrate the mind; picture the faces of the departed and those left to mourn.

Do Something…

This weekend many seek an action: flowers, a message, and a minute silence before the Huddersfield Town match.

Do Something…

Attempt at answers beyond our ken.