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Called Afresh

Friday 2 December

Sunday will focus this week of reflection at Huddersfield Parish Church particularly. The Bishop of our Diocese of Leeds, Nick Baines, who contributed yesterday’s reflection, will confirm candidates during the main morning service. There will be call to repentance and some self examination with wonderful references to Jesus life and ministry, his death and resurrection.

The words and actions, the whole sacrament itself is a moment in the life of St. Peter’s who everyone present will be called afresh.

Called afresh, now that is an advent theme!
Lord, as we sing ‘New every morning is the love, our waking and uprising prove,’ help us to live as those called afresh each day. In this newness guide me to share this state with others this day. Amen


Tuesday 9 February

A sense in which the welcome was cemented by the confirmation.

Each of the candidates had found themselves in Huddersfield Parish Church, all with different reasons for first being there. The study group was doubled by other members of our community, who then stood alongside our candidates for the service in general and at the laying on of hands and the evoking of the Holy Spirit. A further member of the congregation similarly was alongside each candidate. 

A proper friendly scrum of support!


Monday 8 February

A beautiful message for a confirmation day.

You have claim to Jesus: win or lose, highlight or low time.

Confirmation of His presence with us.

The Promise

Sunday 7 February

The promise of God, able and willing to make a difference. That is a theme I am looking for today and will comment upon in the next few days.

We have seven individuals being confirmed in St. Peter’s by the Bishop of Huddersfield.

Today is not about finished packages of perfection, but about a promise of Jesus, being named and recognised, he will be a part of their lives continuing.

The promise! 



Three curries are now made and in the morning we will set up the room. Just the beef to cook, the chickens to roast and the spuds to add to the lentil brew. The rait and yogurt can be whipped up late on and chapatis bought late on.

This is why I was ordained. Variety! Curry and beer one night, then a memorial for 49 people killed in a factory accident in 1941, a service and a plaque unveiled and then a confirmation service, it won’t even be a Sunday!