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On Prayer…..(1)

10th March 2015


Prayer is something that is taken for granted in the Christian faith that we will do, yet we seldom talk about it from the pulpit or with our fellow Christians.

“It sounds so simple, but it is so difficult to find the time and the space to pray…….difficult to accustom ourselves to silence in a world of restless noise…….difficult to tune into Gods frequency, to find the signal among the static….

One of the Roman Monks gave me a metanoi, a knotted piece of string a bit like a rosary and I got into the practice of saying the Jesus Prayer on each knot- ‘Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me a sinner’; that slowed down my breathing, altered the rhythm, and although I would often find that, in spite of my best efforts to focus on the incarnation, I was really thinking about the snooker, by observing the external discipline of saying the prayer, knot by knot, I began to yield to something not entirely of my own making.”

Fathomless Riches – The Revd Richard Coles p255

As we make time to be with God this Lent, let us remember that we may be distracted by the snooker; the washing; our to do list; the annoying person breathing loudly next to us; the sound of our someone next door having a row; but in the midst of the humdrum we can encounter the divine, God will stoop to earth and be alongside us.

Sam Crook – Huddersfield Parish Church


A lovely Sunday afternoon stroll along the canal-side with Jock leading the way. The sun came out and the progress was interrupted by an occasional cyclist.

Along the way we passed many fisherman with their twenty foot carbon fibre poles. It looked as if they were in some sort of competition, as they stared towards their small fluorescent floats. The only fish we saw landed though was by a group of teenagers who had nothing but a short old fashioned rod and reel. They cast their bait and the reels screamed their fury.

However, such was the vacant concentration of the identically dressed, much older and fully kitted out individuals fishing the canal bank, that they failed to notice Jock sneak up, mark his territory, (let the dog owner understand) and sneak onto the next pile of equipment further along to tow path.

We walked quickly – to keep up with Jock and encourage his dry forward progress and to move away from those he had already spored.

What do I take from these our pleasant wanderings. Don’t concentrate too hard on one thing for too long -you may miss someone laying their spore somewhere very close by.