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Mindless Commitment.

Friday 12 February

The sun was shining as I wrote yesterday’s blog. The lawn is looking a bit winter worn and leggy so I thought I would get the mower out. I report this because mowing, over the years, has become a ‘time out’ task when waking, walking dream/praying comes to the fore.

Before I sound too holy – today I mowed, barely clipping the tufts, but I mowed nevertheless, in springish sunshine and wintery  snow flurries.

I questioned myself and my God and my sanity. I ask you mowing/praying in a snow storm.

Commitment or needing committing?



Wednesday 10th December 2014

It started before the manger, before the stable and the star, before the visits by angels and the ride on the donkey. It started with a betrothal, a promise between two people, Mary and Joseph, that they would love each other. It was into this human commitment of love that God the creator would become human and enter into creation. And even today, as we commit to one another, as we love another, as we stick with each other through good and bad, through joy and devastation, we see God’s goodness and love seeping through the world.

Rev’d Simon Crook, Assistant Curate, Huddersfield Parish Church