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Stormy Coffee

Saturday 6 February

Today is a grim northern day. The skies weep bitter tears and you will be wet if you are out of doors.

Our coffee gathering will go ahead, because there are those who will brave the weather.

We cannot greet people outside and will not sell many books, but there will be contact and conversation and that is what Huddersfield Parish Church is good at doing.

People, regulars and otherwise, will come in to get dry and keep warm – and probably meet God away from the storms of life and a storm in winter!



Three years at college, five as a curate and a further fifteen in ministry. This evening – over a hundred served tea, coffee and juice, before retiring to the kitchen to wash up.

What is a vocation?

I remember a previous Archbishop of York talking about his joy of drains. Even in high office John Habgood was at ease, his arms clearing drains.

This calling lark has a sense of humour!

Coffee and Chocolate.

Still hot and bunged, I’ve been driving between Huddersfield and Wetherby and on to Wakefield. A fine ‘Hotpot’ lunch was perfect for my state of mind and body. The school run means a half an hour wait with the skies leaden and head throbbing. Coffee, chocolate and paracetamol is my aid and comfort.