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Tuesday 20 December



Looking at a totally new way? Well,  we could start by forgetting  everything we know about Jesus, his birth, growing, ministry, death and  resurrection. You see we come to    Christmas with the account from last year embedded in us; our knowledge,   understanding and experience.

A new way?  That God becomes a raw slip of  humanity; in an insignificant state before the ‘dark ages’ had begun.

The question to ask is  simply ‘Why?’

That is the question submerged beneath our knowledge, understanding and experience. Look in a mirror, closely at yourself and then reflect.

Jesus born so long ago into insignificance gives you an eternal link to God. Not a distant ethereal link but by flesh and blood, physical, emotional and  spiritual link.

Lord, when I think you are distant, remind me that I can see your humanity revealed in Jesus by looking in a mirror. In barest humanity the baby at Bethlehem brought you into our bodily sphere – close and a human person like me.


Sensing God

Monday 12 December


Next Sunday’s focus is on Mary. There is thankful prayers around God ‘preparing’ Mary. Tied up in that preparation was her longing for God being ‘fleshy’ in terms of fully sensing God – seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting God.

Mary’s saying yes was having God as close as inside her own body and being.

Would we but dare to call for God to be so very close as Mary hoped.

Lord, on this day may I feel, may I know your presence, not just as a thought, but as a reality. May you be as close as Mary was to the child she carried. As I sense your very presence, may it change my livening, today, tomorrow and into this Christmas season. Amen


After Three Days

Monday 28 DecemberThe shininess of the new baby has been over-taken by a weariness of disturbed sleep. Mary completely aware of every speak and silent breathe. 

Nevermind ‘God with us’ what about simply ‘new life with us’ is all we need to understand of the incarnation.

Close enough to heighten the senses!

Showing Someone God.

Saturday 12th December

The prophets last Sunday spoke: ‘Make way the path, mountain brought low and valleys filled in’.

In Advent we are asked to live in a way that make Jesus accessible to others. Jesus talk in similar terms himself. Allowing access to his Father and not preventing these ‘little ones’ to come close or even preventing them from having sight what is possible with God.

The ‘possibility’ of showing God ?

What a commissioning to recognise. Making mountains flat and valleys filled in. Easing others in that gentle Christ-like way.