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Thursday 24th December

Just before!

Advent anticipation condensed.

Sleep eluding excitement for children of all ages. 

Bated breathe for the time to come.

The turning of the annual wheel into the recognition on the morrow of all morrows God is with us.

With the calm that comes before the total change, that comes with a new baby, we are on the very eve…..!?


Taste the Difference.

Mulling over two words: Saviour and savour. What’s the difference? That would be the ‘I’. An observation worthy of any twee church notice board.

But it is for the individual that this Christmas event took place. ‘God with us!’ is the headline, but ‘God with me,’ is the subtext.

Savour that precision in God’s grace contained in this saviour child.

Taste the difference!

Sleepers Awake.

Thursday 10th December
Advent a vigil season.

On Sunday past we sang:
“Sleepers, wake!” the watch cry pealeth, while slumber deep each eyelid sealeth: Awake, Jerusalem, awake! Midnight’s solemn hour is tolling,and seraph-notes are onward rolling; They call on us our part to take. Come forth, ye virgins wise: the Bridegroom comes, arise! Alleluia! Each lamp be bright with ready light to grace the marriage feast tonight.

Zion hears the voice that singeth with sudden joy her glad heart springeth, at once she wakes, she stands arrayed: her Light is come, her Star ascending,lo, girt with truth, with mercy blending,her Bridegroom there, so long delayed. All hail! God’s glorious Son, all hail! our joy and crown, Alleluia! The joyful call we answer all, and follow to the bridal hall.

Praise to him who goes before us! Let men and angels join in chorus,let harp and cymbal add their sound. Twelve the gates, a pearl each portal: we haste to join the choir immortal within the Holy City’s bound. Ear ne’er heard aught like this, nor heart conceived such bliss. Alleluia! We raise the song, we swell the throng, to praise thee ages all along.

Simply,  a vision and proclamation of Jesus coming. But a strange vigil, a lot noisier than quiet watchfulness. Can you sense the excited anticipation?

Words by Philipp Nicolai,1599


“What a Wonderful life.”

Wednesday 24th December 2014

Christmas-Eve last year I spent the morning at Elland Ritz cinema watching “What a Wonderful life.” It was not the first time I had seen the film but it was the first time viewing it on a big screen. For a small picture house it was full, not a spare seat. What a fantastic story which ends with a Christmas scene.

A man who sacrifices so much during his life and when bad time come along, he wishes he wasn’t even born. The result so many other lives are changed, ruin beyond his understanding. His guardian angel gets his wing by helping him recognise the influence on the lives of other people.

What influence are you on others? In a season of good will what is your gift to those you love?

Rev’d Canon Simon Moor, Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church


Thursday 18th December 2014

Someone once said, “Christians don’t dance. Christians don’t drink. Christians don’t swear. Christians don’t smoke… and Christians don’t like each other.” And it does seem as if many Christians oppose human enjoyment and earthly pleasures. Many seem overly prudish and puritanical, especially when in relation to human bodies and human reproduction.

And yet 2000 years ago, God became human. God was born as the human baby Jesus, with a human, earthly body complete with all human functions. Human life, human bodies and all of creation have been embraced by God, not denounced by God.

So, let us marvel and delight in the beauty of bodies. Let us marvel and delight at reproduction, at the continuation of human life. And let us honour ourselves and each other in the way that we treat and talk about people’s bodies.

Rev’d Simon Crook, Assistant Curate, HuddersfieldParish Church

Silent Night

Tuesday 16th December 2014

Silent night, Holy night. All was calm, all was bright. What a wonderful image of peaceful, magical times, of serenity. We sing about it. We send cards about it. But how difficult it is to do it, especially at Christmas. The food, the drink, the presents to buy and wrap, the parties. These celebrations are important,they are a part of the joy of the Christmas. But we must also make space for what we are celebrating; a presence beyond ourselves. Try to make this as important as the other pressures and strains on life and be still and quiet for a few minutes each day during advent, and in that time and space be open to that which is eternal.

Rev’d Simon Crook, Assistant Curate,

All I Want for Christmas.

Friday 12th December 2014

Christmas is not about the thousand lights of a town display. Christmas for me is room with the main lights switched off and the Christmas Tree lights the only form of illumination.


Christmas Tree lights are the nearest we ever get to the effect of an room with just an open fire; or a space lit by a lamp or two; or indeed an intimate gather with only candles giving light.

Shadows are deeper, skin tones are warmer, mystic replaces harsh realities and faces glow and seem more animated.

Magical are the face of children before Christmas Tree lights and parents melt into softness. A Christinge Service gives the same effect. An orange, a candle and Jesus as a candle light. Nothing too garish or bright, a simple flickering glow. All I really want at Christmas!

Rev’d Canon Simon Moor, Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church