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What is Praise?

Tuesday 2 February

A Christingle service is a health and safety nightmare. It would never pass the rigours of a strident H&S brigade. It would not be a liturgical highlight in my calendar.

However Sunday’s Christingle I was touched on many levels.

 Shine Jesus Shine, Sing Christingle, Hail Gladdening Light and a Stanford Nunc Dimmittis. A church circled with folk holding Christingles, a puppet and a formal communion. Ceremony, daftness, wonderful eclectic music mix and a family together closing Christmas and celebrating light.

Praise on many forms and many levels.

The rest of the day followed a similar varied mix ( see the Huddersfield Parish Church site.)



Waiting can take many forms; sitting inactive and not sure of resolution; so busy that you hardly notice the hours never mind the minutes.

“It is like waiting for Christmas!” – both of the above descriptions may apply.

Waiting for a Christingle service and for people to join in is quite magical – children and those who are young at heart, wander in to St. Peter’s and take part.

Strange the conversations generated.