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But God….

Readings for Easter Sunday

Acts 10.34-43, Colossians 3.1-4; and Matthew 28.1-10


Saturday 22 April

But God raised him from the dead” I love that phrase: “But God…” It is the antidote to mess we get into in our lives, and the answer to the despair we often feel when we hear the news from around the world: “But God…” And our job as Christians, as witnessed to what God has done in Jesus Christ, is to keep that message alive. To keep alive the rumour of God in  a sceptical world, and to remind people of the possibility of approaching life in a different way. Faith not fear, hope not hate, love not lies, Our communities, our nation, our politics – and our children and grandchildren – all need to hear this message: “But God raised him from the dead” – because Easter changed everything – forever.

 Question: What difference should the message of Easter make to the way you approach the things you will be doing in the year ahead?

 Prayer: Lord, thank you that Jesus broke the power of sin and death by his resurrection from the dead. May the new life of his kingdom come into our world in me and through me today.


Thoughts from a Lenten Speaker

Thursday 18th February 

The Rev’d Dr Jonathan Pritchard was quite clear in his calling;  and he is called to live out the gospel in the place he lives. That is Keighley in West Yorkshire and in these surroundings is where he ministers to the aliens of the landscape.

His witness is and must be in dialogue and not in the politeness of his ‘Englishness’. (Jonathan is Welsh by birth).

Concise in his argument that as Christians we must set the agenda and its tone, whether we answer our Muslim friends or the right wing agitation that enter finely balanced communities.

Speak up, speak out and give the Christian story.

Easter People

12 April 2015

I recall, as I prepare for two funerals, the people who I have personally known and had the honour of leading their service.

Those who I have ministered to over a number of years are the hardest and yet the easiest. Hardest because of the connections to them and easiest because the authentic heart of a relationship shines through even the sorrow of loss.

Yet in ordinary Christian folk, who have tried to follow Jesus make for beautiful recollections. 

It is Easter People, however flawed, that make life joyous through simple words and gestures.

Are you an Easter Person? 

Rev’d Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield

Something to Do.

4th March 2015


Father George says that, as Christians, the first thing we are looking for is something to do. He sees the church as a way of being at home with God.

In the church we have patterned ways of doing things just like we do at home – we like to have our rituals. In church we find God not because of the bricks and stones but because of the people who meet there and together do this thing we call worship.

Rev’d Janet Sargent – Associate Priest at Huddersfield Parish Church.