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Readings for Easter Sunday

Acts 10.34-43, Colossians 3.1-4; and Matthew 28.1-10


Friday 21 April

Cornelius was an outsider, a Gentile, a foreigner. Normally Peter as a faithful Jew would not have entered his home or sat down to eat with him. But now God was challenging him, breaking down his preconceptions and asking him to step outside his comfort zone. Maybe we need to do a little more of that. It is easy to stick with the people we know, the people who look and talk more or less like us. But God has a plan to include all people within his new family, the Church – and he wants you and me to help him do that. Have a think about the people you see in your church. How many outsiders, foreigners, people of different cultures and backgrounds are there – or are they mostly “people like us”?

Question: What could you do – or encourage your Church family to do – to reach out to and draw in new and different people?    What barriers might there be?

 Prayer: Lord, give me the courage to step outside my comfort zone so that your Church may become the diverse community you want us to be.


Challenge Indeed!

We ‘Welcome’ really well. We are open and receiving.

Interesting, because in a sense when you are welcoming it is not welcomed who needs to change to make being hospitable a reality.

We welcome by opening a door, offering refreshment, turfing the cat off of the most comfortable seat. We do not stand behind a locked door, staring through frosted and shouting through the barrier; we would not expect a guest to bring their own drink; and we would expect them to sit on the floor in favour of the cat.

God’s Grace is welcoming and calls us to be the same.

In the Gospel reading for this Sunday, Luke 15:1-10 we read this evening about Jesus and the Pharisees and teachers of the law at loggerheads. Not only was Jesus welcoming tax collectors and sinner, but he was putting them beyond the ordinary. Lost sheep and lost coins given every last drop of resources and attention.

We are challenged to such welcome that rejoices, is thrilled by hospitality.

Challenge indeed!

What a Waste! Or is it an Example?

Never mind the need to be fair and equal – when watching a sport you just have to support one side or the other. Where you were born or your heritage perhaps dictates your leanings.

A long day of preparation on the little screen, before a planned break to visit the larger screen; and the England v’s Wales rugby. A fairly even match that Wales took to the line and a refereeing decision stole the draw.

No need to ask who I was rooting for, but I could have remained at the work and felt happier by six o’clock.

Why do we need sides? Can challenges remain friendly? Rugby seems to have the answer compared to football – there were Welsh and English supporters sitting together at Twickenham.

Perhaps an example to inter-denominational and inter-faith affairs!