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Tuesday 23 February 

We may only ever reach perfection for what is the blinking of an eye. 

In other words we do so very seldom, indeed verging on the never. But sometimes we can reach a place which is supremely satisfying, if not holy. This feeling of success or height of our life may be because of a place or a relationship or a piece of work or an occasion of celebration.

And God celebrates too!

You Must Be Out of Your Brilliant Mind.

“I love it when a plan comes together.” An ‘A’ Team line regularly spoken.

Sometimes you can sit and think all day and a stream of consciousness just never develops. Walking through porridge is a comparable sprint.

But then sometime, a line links with a memory, links with a sentence briefly spoken in passing, links with a news bulletin, links with dream before sleep, links with what you actually thought about last month.

Noting the passing references together and a simple argument or rational lineage unfolds before your very eyes. Sheer brilliance?

We’ll see…or at least the punters may….or not!