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Sacred Trough

Friday 22 December


The baby Jesus was placed in a manger. Not the  picturesque mangers we see in nativity plays, but an animals’ feeding trough.

Meals were an important part of Jesus’ life, he shared meals with those people that we would  probably not want invite into our homes if we knew them today.

And then Jesus became a meal. Body and blood given for you. Given to all those who come to him.

None of us deserve it and none can earn it. We can only take what Christ offers and remember that as we eat his holy meal we are elevated into his kingship and brought down into the manger of that first Christmas.

This Christmas as we encounter Christ coming, let us say, “For what we about to receive make us truly thankful. Amen.”


Sensing God

Monday 12 December


Next Sunday’s focus is on Mary. There is thankful prayers around God ‘preparing’ Mary. Tied up in that preparation was her longing for God being ‘fleshy’ in terms of fully sensing God – seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting God.

Mary’s saying yes was having God as close as inside her own body and being.

Would we but dare to call for God to be so very close as Mary hoped.

Lord, on this day may I feel, may I know your presence, not just as a thought, but as a reality. May you be as close as Mary was to the child she carried. As I sense your very presence, may it change my livening, today, tomorrow and into this Christmas season. Amen


On Prayer……..(2)

11th March 2015


“Prayer like life in the Kierkegaardian sense, is lived forwards but experienced backwards. On my knees, or, rather, on the little prayer stool tucked under the bum to spare them, the trickle of thoughts, impressions, moods, distractions dominate; it’s only when I look back I see an odd angle, a surprising shape, left by a pressure I want aware of at the time. It’s a bit like going to the gym and sweating for six months to no visible end until one day you discover you have an ab. And like the gym, it doesn’t get easier. ”

Fathomless Riches – The Revd Richard Coles p255

And like the gym, after a while the slog becomes a habit and a joy. Like the gym prayer becomes and essential part of a health body, mind and soul. Like the gym prayer can becomes as important as eating, sleeping and breathing.

Sam Crook – Huddersfield Parish Church

Coffee and Chocolate.

Still hot and bunged, I’ve been driving between Huddersfield and Wetherby and on to Wakefield. A fine ‘Hotpot’ lunch was perfect for my state of mind and body. The school run means a half an hour wait with the skies leaden and head throbbing. Coffee, chocolate and paracetamol is my aid and comfort.