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Returning to Talk

It seems so long since a blog appeared here on ‘Impression’. In a sense other things sometimes are more important than a regular reflection appearing in print. This year seems to have been so busy, already May is nearly upon us.

What else have I forgotten to do or just didn’t have time to complete in the last five months of this year?

Now that’s a question hat perhaps needs some reflecting upon!

Thoroughly Modern

So….! Inching towards a half century of life and while being comfortable with technology, I have seldom been at the ‘cutting edge’. Last week I finally succumbed to the 3G world of phones and now with a up to date tablet I am feeling thoroughly modern.

Will the blog be more regular now I have constant access to WordPress and all that it offers. A new meaning for grace?

Blog Prayer

 ‘A Blog is like a Daily Office’

Writing something to be published on the web – I was a passenger in someone’s car – they came out with a gem. ‘ A blog is like a Daily Office’.

They had just talked about someone keeping a daily blog diary of their child’s growth – because grannie lived far away and therefore missed nothing of the development of the baby.

Making comment on what happens in the common round, or reporting on a brief and usually forgotten insight or whimsy are simply a way of processing and remembering thoughts and occurrences.

Perhaps blogs may be prayers!?