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Monday 7 March

A social media training day expressed the opinion that being ‘liked’ is akin to being ‘loved’ and verbalised in that real realm. They wanted to say that a “‘like’ is a hug to a blind donkey!” – my words.

“How many hits do you get?” One competitive fellow course member enquired, dying to tell me their tally. I didn’t know and don’t know now. However, my travelling companion said that I should ask on the blog for people to ‘like’ and ‘retweet’ and ‘comment’.

The theology behind it all – I query in a very sceptical way. What would Jesus do?

Then I remembered something for tomorrow.

Mindless Commitment.

Friday 12 February

The sun was shining as I wrote yesterday’s blog. The lawn is looking a bit winter worn and leggy so I thought I would get the mower out. I report this because mowing, over the years, has become a ‘time out’ task when waking, walking dream/praying comes to the fore.

Before I sound too holy – today I mowed, barely clipping the tufts, but I mowed nevertheless, in springish sunshine and wintery  snow flurries.

I questioned myself and my God and my sanity. I ask you mowing/praying in a snow storm.

Commitment or needing committing?


A Prophetic Vigil! 

Friday 11th December 

Two subjects of this week’s blog. Prophets and vigil.

The coming together of these two thought and I am minded of an Advent a number of years past. Call to anoint Milly as in her great age as she slipped towards her end. The vigil lasted a couple of days and well into each night. Bar the last hours Milly was intermittently awake and focussed to know her time was limited and who it was that sat with her. 

We had spoken of these last moments and had an understanding that I would try and be with her. So her eyes would flutter and she would smile. Her last words told me not to worry that she was not frightened. For all her faults she told me God loved her and this was not an end but a beginning.

A prophetic vigil! 

When she passed illness’ lines faded and Milly not only looked peaceful but quite joyous. I thought of her while writing yesterday’s thoughts down. 

‘May she rest in peace and rise in glory.’ What she saw as her promise and slipped towards that one Advent season.


Let’s Talk

18th February 2015


During Lent there are a number of resources that are going to inform the ‘Thought for the Day’ blog. The books suggested for Lent, the films, the different pieces of music chosen from the ‘classical’ and ‘modern’ eras or the practical tasks all will be used to inspire the blog.

Conversing with self and others move us closer to God.

Meeting God ‘halfway’ just by enacting the phrase ‘Let’s talk!’

The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church

A Quiet Moment in the Holy Land

A quiet moment sitting  by the shores of Galilee on our day of rest.  I
idly watch a family arrive and disperse their belongings. As an older man leaves,
he turns back to the call, “Abba.”

The children mill around, and again I hear the call, “Abba, Abba,
Abba,” – now a little lad calling for his dad’s attention.

Within twenty minutes, and across 3 generations, I’ve heard in everyday life
the ordinary use of the gentle family word Jesus used for his father and
invites us to call on him like this too.

I can’t put into words how much it has meant to hear “Abba” used
naturally here in the place where Jesus used this example of how close God’s
heart is to us.

When to Share?

I think tonight I may dream well.

It is late and I lay in bed. Reading my latest book is like wading through an ankle deep trough of black treacle. I haven’t got ear- phones to watch something on catchup without disturbing the Missus’ slumber. Yet I am not quite ready to nod as my head is full of sweetie mice Zumbaing for all they are worth.

But their rhythm is the sort of alchemy that will create visions. Some are no doubt deep rooted and probably Freudian or just weird. Some will unravel the day’s events and may contain answers. Yet others may just be satisfyingly refreshing ‘there’ and like a good BBC repeat worth visiting more than once during the night.

As we often say as the duvet magnifies our comfort. “Isn’t bed brill!”

Let the alchemy commence.

Reasons to Write.

When piles of papers litter the study floor. When those papers have been piled up into one tower which topples. When the grass needs cutting and there is ironing aplenty. When time allows and there is enough of it to have a good run at it.

All the above and perhaps it’s time to sort and file. But then again halfway through you need a break, and why not write something?

Probably not the best reason to blog but hey ho….!