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Three curries are now made and in the morning we will set up the room. Just the beef to cook, the chickens to roast and the spuds to add to the lentil brew. The rait and yogurt can be whipped up late on and chapatis bought late on.

This is why I was ordained. Variety! Curry and beer one night, then a memorial for 49 people killed in a factory accident in 1941, a service and a plaque unveiled and then a confirmation service, it won’t even be a Sunday!

Curry Talk the Report.

Of six members, all felt somehow sullied by the experience of watching the  film.

One saw the imagination of the ‘Woodman’ inventing characters in his head that the rest of us saw as real and a part of the film. (Interesting theory!)

A few took a couple of sittings to complete the film but all thought ‘salvation’ was achieved – but not without discomfort.

A brilliant choice with the same themes in the news at present.

Curry Talk

We are not a book group,  instead of reading a book and then chatting about it, we watch a film, then over curry talk about it. You’ll like this –  we have a film group!

Sometimes the conversation spreads over a couple of hours and we return to what we saw and heard in the film throughout the meal. Sometimes the word ‘rubbish’ is used and we move on to a myriad of other different subjects.

Tonight we will sit, and over first a couple of beers and then the meal, will be taking about ‘The Woodsman” with Kevin Bacon in the lead role. A strange subject for a film – we will, I think, talk long and hard. Relevant to the news at the moment….

Bitter and Twisted.

A heavy rock group from the 1980’s?

A gorgeous mother-in-law rant?

Some sort of topiary of a stringent herb?

A failed cup run supporter?

Nah – a light blond beer quaffed at the Head of Steam at the side of Huddersfield station. Simply a remedy – to a hard week so far. Mellowness in a glass! Giving distance to woes, troubles and challenges.

Me bitter and twisted?  Nope light ale and tangy – C-’est moi! Et tu aussi?