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Spirit and Fire

Readings for 2nd Sunday in Lent
Genesis 12: 1-4a, Romans 4: 1-5; 13-17 and Matthew 3.1-12

Saturday 11th March12
In his Commission to his disciples, Jesus tells them to make disciples of all nations in the power of his name, and to baptise them. The baptism bit often gets overlooked. We are baptised once, and through it we enter The Church, The Body of Christ. It has meaning beyond the social occasions so often seen these days at baptism services as the reading from Matthew reminds us: we are baptised with the Holy Spirit and fire. This is not an occasion simply of cute welcome, but of being purified for God. And although we are baptised only once, we need to keep re-entering its reality over again. Come Holy Spirit in all your power.

Easter Action.

Sunday 3 April

Today we has a simple baptism, the Easter moment.

Turning to Christ, turning to the Easter light.

Not just the candidate but also the whole garnered community.

Easter action pure and active?

In the Shadow of the Cross

Wednesday 23 March

I was processing photographs from Palm Sunday and one caught my eye. The Rev’d Simon Crook was presiding throughout the service and this snap was taken when he was ‘baptising blessing’ palm crosses and people in St. Peter’s gardens.

We we soon to be turning towards the cross and its significance for Christians.

Can you see what shadow is cast onto Simon?

How significant on our thoughts this Holy Week!


A Modern Request

Thursday 10th March

A interesting contact, and a pattern for Huddersfield Parish Church.

A woman walks into church, one of the priest staff is loitering and strikes up a conversation. They had been looking for a church in which to baptise their baby. 

“Wasn’t St. Peter’s beautiful and wasn’t it warm and would they be able to bring their baby?”

Practicalities covered and questions answered and ask, a simple conversation.

Then the God moment – “Could I be baptised too? But on a different occasion?”

More affirmation and a small service after the main Sunday service. 

From contact to commitment, and no stumbling blocks put in the way.


Friday 4th March

Another day another contact.
A wonderful contact, just like Philip being brought to Jesus. One of the faithful brings a friend, who wants to belong, wants to be among friends, and is willing to learn a pathway to do so. She comes seeking baptism.
But it is the friend’s faith that is attractive and I know that friend comes with simplicity of heart which again is attractive to the others.

I am happy because I know she will be welcomed, warmly welcomed into our open community.


From the Mouths of Children

Thursday 3rd March

At Huddersfield Parish Church we had what could be a new tradition of the Church of England if not the church universal.
During a baptism three-year-old girl put her hand into the font, as directed, to test the temperature of water. She then put the water in her mouth and taste it. To her mum she said ‘It Tastes nice!’

And there we have it, baptism from the inside first. 

Out of the the mouths of babes and children.

Jesus Baptism

  Sunday 10th January 

The Christmas season is all about ‘God with us.’

Have you been baptised in the name of the “Father,Son and Holy Spirit?”

The point of today in the Christian calendar is to say that Jesus was also baptised. 

OK it was John, but it represented a turning point.

Recall your own baptism – compare and contrast with the Jesus experience.