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But God….

Readings for Easter Sunday

Acts 10.34-43, Colossians 3.1-4; and Matthew 28.1-10


Saturday 22 April

But God raised him from the dead” I love that phrase: “But God…” It is the antidote to mess we get into in our lives, and the answer to the despair we often feel when we hear the news from around the world: “But God…” And our job as Christians, as witnessed to what God has done in Jesus Christ, is to keep that message alive. To keep alive the rumour of God in  a sceptical world, and to remind people of the possibility of approaching life in a different way. Faith not fear, hope not hate, love not lies, Our communities, our nation, our politics – and our children and grandchildren – all need to hear this message: “But God raised him from the dead” – because Easter changed everything – forever.

 Question: What difference should the message of Easter make to the way you approach the things you will be doing in the year ahead?

 Prayer: Lord, thank you that Jesus broke the power of sin and death by his resurrection from the dead. May the new life of his kingdom come into our world in me and through me today.


A Modern Request

Thursday 10th March

A interesting contact, and a pattern for Huddersfield Parish Church.

A woman walks into church, one of the priest staff is loitering and strikes up a conversation. They had been looking for a church in which to baptise their baby. 

“Wasn’t St. Peter’s beautiful and wasn’t it warm and would they be able to bring their baby?”

Practicalities covered and questions answered and ask, a simple conversation.

Then the God moment – “Could I be baptised too? But on a different occasion?”

More affirmation and a small service after the main Sunday service. 

From contact to commitment, and no stumbling blocks put in the way.