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Tuesday 1 March

Incarnation theology is all about God sharing our time. Within this theology is an understanding of being a friend of God.

In the Old Testament, Abraham can be seen as the first friend of God. In the New Testament Lazarus a friend of Jesus. (One of David Bowie’s releases was called ‘Lazarus’).

Robin Gamble talk of Jesus being an overwhelming friend of others then and now. While religion tries to avoid the world, Jesus was involved, is involved through his being our grace friend – a two way relationship!


A Costly Gift,

6th February 2014


It may seem so strange to us, but what Mary and Joseph did for their son would have been seen as completely orthodox and completely ordinary within Hebrew culture and society. It was a tradition stretching back to the Patriarchs.

Their first born son was given to the Lord, thereby claiming the promises made to Abraham.

What will you give today that would be as costly as a baby, new born and precious?

The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church