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The rushiest of starts. A school run to Wakefield and then on to Wakefield Cathedral for Morning Prayer and Eucharist. A quick walk over to a solicitors office and I am a good twenty minutes early.

Lonesome in a waiting room – blessed peace and breath catching moments. Traffic buzzes outside, the receptionist answers the phone constantly in the start of day rush, but I am unbothered.

My thoughts turn to the rest of the day and crisis that await my return to Huddersfield.

But for the moment calm, solitude – a break before the rest of the day takes over.

Where are you to find an oasis today? Is it planned or unexpected?

Simply Driving.

Another day of the sunniest weather and another afternoon of driving.

First visit to a golf course since I don’t know when!

The driving was sweet and the experience not even a walk wasted. A golfing cart added just the right amount of breeze and prevented over-exertion.

The world seemed so peaceful and still.

Let the reader/golfer understand – easy!


A simple state of holiness.

Peaceful – a drive to a ferry port and stop at Colwyn Bay. A walk along the front, with an ice-cream. Back in the car listening to Test Match Special. The sun shines as the traffic passes smoothly.

Peaceful and holy – what a definition of holiness.


St.Peter’s Parish Church has, for generations, provided a place of rest, hospitality and sanctuary to all who seek it.

Now we can safely say that the welcome is extended across species!


Can you see it amongst the foliage? Yes, a duck nesting in the surrounding gardens!


A lovely Sunday afternoon stroll along the canal-side with Jock leading the way. The sun came out and the progress was interrupted by an occasional cyclist.

Along the way we passed many fisherman with their twenty foot carbon fibre poles. It looked as if they were in some sort of competition, as they stared towards their small fluorescent floats. The only fish we saw landed though was by a group of teenagers who had nothing but a short old fashioned rod and reel. They cast their bait and the reels screamed their fury.

However, such was the vacant concentration of the identically dressed, much older and fully kitted out individuals fishing the canal bank, that they failed to notice Jock sneak up, mark his territory, (let the dog owner understand) and sneak onto the next pile of equipment further along to tow path.

We walked quickly – to keep up with Jock and encourage his dry forward progress and to move away from those he had already spored.

What do I take from these our pleasant wanderings. Don’t concentrate too hard on one thing for too long -you may miss someone laying their spore somewhere very close by.

When to Share?

I think tonight I may dream well.

It is late and I lay in bed. Reading my latest book is like wading through an ankle deep trough of black treacle. I haven’t got ear- phones to watch something on catchup without disturbing the Missus’ slumber. Yet I am not quite ready to nod as my head is full of sweetie mice Zumbaing for all they are worth.

But their rhythm is the sort of alchemy that will create visions. Some are no doubt deep rooted and probably Freudian or just weird. Some will unravel the day’s events and may contain answers. Yet others may just be satisfyingly refreshing ‘there’ and like a good BBC repeat worth visiting more than once during the night.

As we often say as the duvet magnifies our comfort. “Isn’t bed brill!”

Let the alchemy commence.

Our Crib is Complete.

Our crib is completed by the magi arriving last Sunday. (See the photographs) no sooner do they arrive than all the figures will be boxed away. We couldn’t fine the real baby Jesus who seemed to disappear when the scene was first set. A bit of improvisation saved the day. Only today someone remembered where he had been safely stored.

This reads like some sort of parable – let the reader translate for themselves.