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Monday 4 April

The prayer at the end of one of this morning’s psalm was moving for me.

Gracious God, you are full of compassion;
may we who long for your kingdom to come
rejoice to do your will
and acknowledge your power alone to save;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

so very Easter in its focus.

Easter Action.

Sunday 3 April

Today we has a simple baptism, the Easter moment.

Turning to Christ, turning to the Easter light.

Not just the candidate but also the whole garnered community.

Easter action pure and active?

Light Up.

Saturday 2 April 

A rock group – Snow Patrol – song is an ear worm to me at the moment.

“Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I’ll be right beside you dear.”

I keep thinking of Easter as i hum!

April Fool

Friday 1 April

They were seen as foolish – the dead raised to life.

But the disciple’s move from fear to faithful – Easter was real.

Easter Revival

Thurday 31 March
I was talking with a friend who is hearty and well. This is at the end of a sustained period of depression.
From small, scared and insignificant to self sustaining self aware and spiritually alive.

They remind me of some certain Easter disciples.

Work in Progress.

Wednesday 30 March

I was reading a book about a Chinaman writing about London in 1938. On Spring he said: “Sring comes in fits and starts…” 

I wanted to simply answer that Easter comes all at once.

But as Easter people I see that we are a work in progress.

Easter Renewal

Tuesday 29 March

Easter Sunday followed the previous two Sunday’s when a sudden increase of worshippers seemed to answer our prayers for growth. Even humble Evensong welcomed extra worshippers.

‘New the green blade rises’ was sung – an amazing reflection of a busy Passiontide and Easter.

Jesus – making all things new.