Who to Serve?

Readings for 3rd Sunday in Lent

Exodus 17: 1-7, Romans 5: 1-11 & John 4: 5-42


Thursday 16th March

As the week turns we turn towards Sunday’s  Gospel – the story of the woman at the well – and we meet Jesus the rule breaker. After 2000 years of Christianity – of what you might call ‘organised religion’ – it can be easy in the every day to forget that the Jesus we follow is not a man of the  well-worn and familiar. He is a man who strikes out on new paths – because he comes to fulfil the spirit of the law, not its letter. Jesus is all about living out the real meaning of God’s presence and intention in our creation. Our human nature is to seek pattern, familiarity, security – and we can become so tied to this that we forget. We forget that God created us to transcend these bonds – and sent Jesus to show     us just how to do that. I wonder who we might speak to this week that people in our community might not expect us, Christians, to talk to?   What dividing lines might we have the courage to cross, confident in God’s call to share the truth of His love?

Question: Who are the people you think you shouldn’t speak to or mix with in your community or the world around you?

 Prayer: Rule breaking God, break down in me all that is unwilling to  serve your way of love. Give me courage to serve your Son, my Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.


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