Monday 28 November

I’m not particularly an equine fan, but I seem to pick up a lot of information  through the historical and fantasy books I read.

Horses were often ‘hobbled’ when away from stabling and the travellers were in open countryside.  Unlike picketing, that ties up horses in a line with  food and water readily available, hobbling allowed a  horse to move around slowly and so graze at leisure,
but without full freedom.

Next Sunday’s collect: ‘Lord, raise up, we pray,  your power and come among us……, through our sins we are grievously hindered in running the race….’  The image is that our very humanity is hobbled, hindered by sin. The prayer is for God’s influence in
our deficiencies.
Question: Where in my life do I need ‘bountiful                                                                              grace & mercy’ for ‘help & deliver(ance)’ .
Give me the grace at this time to offer you
those thing that I try to hide that often restrain
my humanity. May I have the will and the wit to
receive forgiveness and run free in your kingdom,
now and in the future. Amen.

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