All Things New

15 March 2015
God should not be blamed for our failure or successes. Neither should God be seen as abscent from our lives. Fynn’s mother and Anna come to the same conclusion.
“Mum and Anna shared many likes and dislikes; perhaps the simplest and most beautiful sharing was their attitude toward Mister God. Most people I knew use God as an excuse for their failure: “He should have done this, “or “Why has got done this to me?” But with Mum and Anna difficulties and adversities were merely occasions for doing something. Ugliness was the chance to make beautiful. Sadness was the chance to make glad. Mister God was always available to them. A stranger would’ve excused for believing that Mister God lived with us, then Mum and Anna believed he did. 
With God’s presence recognised there is an imperative to make all things new. 
The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor – Vicar of Huddersfield Parish Church


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