Thursday 18th December 2014

Someone once said, “Christians don’t dance. Christians don’t drink. Christians don’t swear. Christians don’t smoke… and Christians don’t like each other.” And it does seem as if many Christians oppose human enjoyment and earthly pleasures. Many seem overly prudish and puritanical, especially when in relation to human bodies and human reproduction.

And yet 2000 years ago, God became human. God was born as the human baby Jesus, with a human, earthly body complete with all human functions. Human life, human bodies and all of creation have been embraced by God, not denounced by God.

So, let us marvel and delight in the beauty of bodies. Let us marvel and delight at reproduction, at the continuation of human life. And let us honour ourselves and each other in the way that we treat and talk about people’s bodies.

Rev’d Simon Crook, Assistant Curate, HuddersfieldParish Church

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