Challenge Indeed!

We ‘Welcome’ really well. We are open and receiving.

Interesting, because in a sense when you are welcoming it is not welcomed who needs to change to make being hospitable a reality.

We welcome by opening a door, offering refreshment, turfing the cat off of the most comfortable seat. We do not stand behind a locked door, staring through frosted and shouting through the barrier; we would not expect a guest to bring their own drink; and we would expect them to sit on the floor in favour of the cat.

God’s Grace is welcoming and calls us to be the same.

In the Gospel reading for this Sunday, Luke 15:1-10 we read this evening about Jesus and the Pharisees and teachers of the law at loggerheads. Not only was Jesus welcoming tax collectors and sinner, but he was putting them beyond the ordinary. Lost sheep and lost coins given every last drop of resources and attention.

We are challenged to such welcome that rejoices, is thrilled by hospitality.

Challenge indeed!

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