Wedding Dress Stares

The difference between a wedding and a funeral?

Well at a funeral people walk past a hearse, church and funeral cortège without even raising their heads or making eye contact with anyone involved. Maybe a show of respect or acknowledgement of the solemnity of death.

A wedding dress and best bib and tucker (with button hole) perhaps attract the good memories of family occasions, while a black clad gathering has the opposite effect.

A wedding – passers by stand and stare or just stand and smile – in a dream-like state.

Perhaps it is easier to be happy with someone than mourn with them.

One response to “Wedding Dress Stares

  1. When I had to attend the weddings at St Peter’s as Churchwarden it gave me pleasure to look out from the West Door at all the shoppers and passersby watching the wedding. As you say they have such joy on their faces it made me joyful watching them and brought a smile to all our faces. I think baptisms would have the same effect with the baby and every thing. Maybe they should be done on the church steps with a font on wheels! I have always thought that church should be taken out of the buildings!! Best wishes in Christ. Darren

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