I get sent an ‘Inspiring quote of the day’ to my inbox. Quite often I ignore it. Today’s offering caught my eye.

“Freedom is not overcoming what you think stands in your way. It is understanding that what is in your way is part of the way.”

You see our friend Alex, part of our gathered family – honest and honourable; today after ‘signing on’ with the Home Office has been shipped off south and then who knows where!

He is being taken to detention centre in Oxford- we collected his meagre belongings. Where is the balance of asylum and what he gave to us?

He leaves us hollow.


2 responses to “Hollow.

  1. I never forget my friends there, from Alex …

  2. We like people and community’s, I FAR FROM THERE BUT CLOSE HERE , MY WONDERFUL MEMORIES, THE ST.PETER MY FAMILY,BECAUSE TAKE CARE AND LOVE ME LIKE SON OF GOD ( Simon said that) , walk with me in darkness , to find Jesus more and Moor… THANKS EVERYONE THERE, I GIVE STRONG HUG, WITH LOVE FROM MYSELF, THE BEST OF MY LIFE, to Marion, Simon, David,Danny(my brother), Paula, James, key people, Jade…etc..

    From Alex, Jorge Alejandro Oviedo

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