Thoughts in Lent

God said, “Go to Nineveh!”  – so off Jonah went in the other direction. Yes, just as we often do too.

Yet, God didn’t stop after Jonah came out of the big fish – Jonah went to Nineveh!

Who better than Jonah to tell the people of the big city about God’s love for them, his willingness to save them if they’d turn from their selfish godless ways. Because that’s just what Jonah had experienced. He’d gone the opposite of God’s way, caused a load of trouble for himself and others, then got so miserable he realised that only God could put things right.

So he was the right guy to tell others about God’s forgiveness.

And who better than us to tell others of God’s love and forgiveness when we’ve blown it and then found that God is bigger than us after all. Yes, we hear God’s message of doom when we realise our mess. Then the way is open for forgiveness. Let’s respond!

Read the whole story of Jonah by clicking here.


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